My name is Stanley Bayersdorfer (that's my not-so-flattering caricature you see to the right). I founded and opened my first Fashion Post in Louisville, KY in 1959 - the heyday of Ivy League Natural Shoulder clothing.

Many prosperous years have passed since then and we remain true to our roots. Classic menswear really hasn't changed over the years; rather, it has evolved. The thread of consistency has always been good taste.

My son Bob runs the place these days but he'll acknowledge - with a smile - that his old man still beats him to work everyday!

We're all passionate about what we do at The Fashion Post including our in house tailor shop which boasts a combined more than 100 years experience tailoring fine menswear.

Our mission is clear and our objectives are well defined. They should be evident and transparent with every visit to our store. We hope you'll come see for yourself!





Bob and Stanley Bayersdorfer - The Fashion Post

Classic Men's Clothing - Louisville, KY

The Fashion Post - Louisville, KY


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